Brochure "You and Tuberculosis" is out!

The work on the brochure involved many people. The main authors were Paulina Siniatkina, Ksenia Shchenina and Maria Tselovatova. Besides, Paulina -- project author and TBpeople's Chief Artist -- made the brochure very lively with her illustrations. A number of TBpeople members contributed to the development of the brochure. Maria Krongauz, literary editor, made sure that both grammar and style of the text were impecable. And the myths section was dealt with by some of the world's leading experts from the United States, Russia, Ukraine and Moldova, which makes the brochure very scientifically sound. It is important to note that the brochure was approved by the Chief TB Specialist of the Russian Ministry of Health, Dr. Irina Vasilyeva. And of course the brochure wouldn't be possible without the support of the Lilly MDR-TB Partnership, which provided funding for the development and printing of the brochure. 

The printed run of the brochure is 10,000 copies. In the nearest future they will be flying over to the countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia for dissemination.


The brochure is available for download here. Unfortunately, it is only available in Russian, but we will be looking for opportunities to have it translated into other languages. If you have ideas where we can find funding for that, feel free to write us on our Facebook page or email us!

Some awesome news to share at the very end of 2017: the brochure "You and Tuberculosis", which took more than a year to complete, has been printed! The goal of the brochure is to explain in an easy and digestable way what the TB diagnosis means and to debunk the many myths surrounding the disease. And the fact that the brochure was written by people who have already beaten TB, makes it particularly useful for those who just faced the diagnosis and needs both information and moral support.