Membership in TBpeople

Membership in TBpeople is individual, voluntary and free of charge and does not envisage any entrance, membership or other mandatory fees. There are three types of membership in TBpeople: full, associated and honorary. Full membership is open to people with experience of tuberculosis. Associated membership is open to people, whose close ones (friends or relatives) have or had tuberculosis. Honorary membership is open to people, who made an outstanding contribution to the fight against tuberculosis, to mobilization of community of people affected by tuberculosis, or to care and support of people with tuberculosis. To be eligible for membership in TBpeople, a person must accept the vision, mission and objectives of TBpeople and agree to abide by the rules described in TBpeople Membership Regulations. To become a full or associated member, just click the button below. Honorary members are only invited based on nominations made by active TBpeople members.